Class Overview


Age Levels Within the Studio:

Junior Level – 8 to 10 years of age (Classes are 1.5 hours per week)

Intermediate Level – 11 to 13 years of age (Classes are 2 hours per week)

Senior Level – Ages 14+ (Classes are 2 hours per week)


Training Levels Within the Studio:
For each of the ages above, three levels of classes exist. Each level is run slightly differently to ensure that the work being performed in class reflects the ability and physical work of each actor. Stated below are the differences between each class level and what requirements are needed to pass or engage in each one. 

Beginner On Camera, Advanced On Camera, Specialized On Camera

Beginner On Camera

Introductory Level Course

$250.00 +HST

Beginner On Camera Acting: Six Classes + Final

No experience necessary! This is our introduction to the industry class. All students must start here unless approved for another level by staff. In this class you will…


  • Learn how to Audition 

  • Learn how to dissect material for auditions in a high degree of effectiveness

  • Learn how to approach getting representation (agent)

  • Learn how to critically look at your work

Advanced On Camera

Enhanced Level Course

$250.00 +HST

Advanced On Camera: Six Classes + Final 

Focusing on how to get your work to the “booking” level and getting your auditions to have a competitive touch. In this class you will…


  • Learn how to make your audition stand out from others 

  • Learn how to further your ability to look at “good” work 

  • Learn your “type” and be able to recognize how to use your type to book roles 

Specialized On Camera

Master Level Course

$250.00 +HST

Specialized On Camera: 6 Classes + Final

Our most advanced level focusing on partner scenes and “on-set” style acting. Actors in this level have either booked before and have demonstrated a high level of skill. In this class you will…


  • Work with another partner on a closer level you don’t normally do in an audition setting

  • Bring the use of atmosphere and physicality into your work 

  • Use a set to enhance your acting ability 

  • Critically go through your work to identify what “worked” and what didn’t